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The world’s fifth largest country both geographically and demographically, Brazil is a country of great diversity: From the romantic beaches of the Copacabana in the southeast to the tropical rainforests of the mighty Amazon in the northwest. There are beaches to enjoy, mountains to hike, cities to explore and carnivals to experience. Brazil is the country that has it all. Enjoy it at its finest in a luxury yacht charter.

Denison Superyachts would like to present you an example itiniraries from one of our Brazil yacht charters below:

Rio de Janeiro to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 7 Days

Day 1: Rio de Janeiro

Rio is the classic Brazilian tourist destination –delicious food, caipirinhas - the famous lime, sugar and cachaça cocktail, beautiful locals and array of sight-seeing options. Ride the tram or hike up Sugarloaf Mountain, walk the lush rainforest at Tijuca, party all night to Brazilian beats or people-watch at the beach, the most famous of course being popular Ipanema.

Day 2: Angra dos Reis

Cruise out of Rio on your Brazil superyacht charter, and enjoy the view of Rio's Corcovado Mountain Christ the Redeemer statue at the top. Then head south, to tranquil shoreline and some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in Brazil. Enjoy the lush and dramatic scenery at your quiet anchorage for the evening.

Day 3: Ilha Grande

Within the municipality of Angra dos Reis there are over 300 islands, many of them owned by national and international celebrities. The largest island is called Ilha Grande - Portuguese for Big Island. Cruise to the island and enjoy active pursuits such as bodyboarding, scuba diving and kayaking. For more adventuresome guests that want to burn off some of the chef's desserts, there is a system of trails, although be prepared to commit to half a day and using a guide to take you around the exotic flora and fauna. The lush landscape is a teeming ecosystem, with squawking parrots and screaming monkeys in the trees and iguanas, snakes, and bizarre-looking capybaras scurrying along. Take the T2 trail from Abrao to Cachoeira da Feiticeira (Waterfall of the Sorceress) and hike past an overgrown aqueduct and an old quarantine hospital, all covered in heavy vines as the rainforest reclaims the land.

Day 4: Ilha Grande town to Ensanada dos Palmas

At the eastern tip of Ilha Grande we find Ensanada dos Palmas with its virgin stretch of white sand against a forested mountain slope. Climb the dramatic Monte de Castelhanos and be rewarded with a stunning view.

Day 5: Enseada do Palmas towards Paraty

We will head south towards Paraty with opportunities to stop along the way at the many secluded and unspoiled beaches and lagoon along the way. We will anchor overnight in the simple, rustic and peaceful Enseada das Palmas. 

Day 6: Parati

We now cruise leisurely on our yacht charter in Brazil, to the bay at Parati, a quaint and colorful colonial town. Settled since 1650, the historic colonial center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1966 and since, car traffic has been banned from the center. Stroll the narrow streets past charming and simple churches and shops and imagine the old days when gold was brought down from the mountains to Parati and loaded onto boats to be shipped to Portugal.

Day 7 : Rio

Cruise back north to Rio de Janeiro to disembark.

If you are interested in chartering a yacht in Brazil with Denison Superyachts, please do not hesitate to contact one of our esteemed representatives.