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Yacht Charters in Panama

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At the crossroads of the Atlantic and Pacific lies Panama, a stunning Central American yacht charter destination. Combining the best of both oceans, Panama boasts beautiful green mountains dotted with lively cities where high end shopping meets a vibrant nightlife and exciting restaurants. Miles of pristine beaches surround, including the 365 exotic San Blas islands in the Caribbean where an untouched indigenous culture still flourishes and an archipelago of islands in the Pacific offering unique snorkeling opportunities among ancient shipwrecks and stunning coral reefs, making it the excellent spot for a luxury Panama superyacht charter.

Colon to Panama City, Panama: 6 Days

Panama is the link between North and South America and is bordered by both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Her many islands create ideal cruising grounds. Chains include the San Blas Islands, Pearl Islands, Bocas del Toro, Taboga Islands, Coiba Island, and Isla Grande/ Portobelo. The Panama Canal allows for flexibility with your charter itinerary. For example, start in the San Blas and end in the Pearl Islands. Activities are practically endless in this tropical paradise!

The San Blas Archipelago dot along the Caribbean coast of Panama from the Golfo de San Blas nearly all the way to the Colombian border. Only 49 of the 378 islands are inhabited by the independent Kuna Indians. Visiting is like stepping back in time. There is minimal interference from the Panamanian Government and therefore the Kuna have maintained their traditions and practices. The San Blas are surrounded by reefs, some of the oldest in the world, and offer wonderful snorkeling opportunities, the best of which are between the months of April and June.

The Las Perlas Archipelago is found off Panama's Pacific coast, just south of Panama City. Visitors will revel in the quiet island life. The brilliant, turquoise waters are crystal-clear, teeming with coral beds and a rich diversity of marine life. There are over 200 islands and islets to explore and most are in pristine condition. Snorkeling, diving, and fishing are popular activities in this area.

Day 1: Colon and Panama Canal 

Cruise to see the Gatun Locks, and then anchor your Panama yacht charter overnight, off Flamenco Island.

Day 2: Panama City 

Check out Panama la Vieja and Casco Viejo - the historic old town districts with a variety of dining and sightseeing options.

Day 3: San Telmo 

Cruise to the unspoiled Las Perlas Islands, and find a peaceful and secluded island paradise.

Day 4: San Jose 

We will cruise towards San Jose where nature and wildlife reign supreme.

Day 5: Pedro Gonzales & Contadora 

If you are ready to burn some calories from the chef's delicious desserts, find one of the scenic trails off the soft white beach at Pedro Gonzales.

Day 6: Panama City 

Watch for whales and rays in the water as you cruise back to Panama. You may want to take a ride to Isla Pacheca, a great place for bird-watching.

If you are interested in a superyacht charter in Panama, Denison Superyachts can alter an itinerary to suit your needs. Contact one of the team today for further information.