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Yacht Charters in Cyclades

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Scattered across the Aegean Sea are the Greek Cyclades, among some of the most revered and treasured yacht charter destinations of the Mediterranean. Cruise through calm turquoise waters and out of summer’s warm haze appear an oasis of sandy beaches and white cliffs topped with luscious green wildlife. Each offer their own unique character and each can be easily navigated by yacht for a unique experience each time. Whether you are searching for natural beauty in Paros and Naxos, ancient history in Delos or fine restaurants and exciting nightlife in Mykonos, there is something for everyone in the Cyclades.

Enjoy a Cyclades yacht charter in Greece with Denison Super Yacht Division. View the sample itinerary below for a taste of what to expect!

Athens to Syros, The Cyclades: 8 Days

Day 1 : Kea

Embark in Athens, and then cruise to Kea. Kea is known for exceptional beaches and beautiful mountains with one of the best system of walking paths and trails of any Greek island. Kea is a hiker's paradise with numbered routes that take you through a variety of landscapes to remote coves and the ruins of ancient cities.


Day 2 : Sifnos

The port of Kamares is nice combination of beach, restaurants and a few bars all within walking distance. Apollonia, in the center of the island, has fun nightlife and fantastic food and wine. Kamares is one of the best beaches in Greece for families because of the long, shallow, sheltered bay. Cruise on your Cyclades superyacht charter around the archipelago and explore Kastro, a quaint old village or the beaches at Vathi and Platys Gialos.

Day 3: Milos

A volcanic island with spectacular rock formations and hot springs, Milos has fantastic beaches like Paliochori, Hivadolimni and the tiny cove of Sarakiniko, one of the most interesting places on earth to swim. The village of Pollonia has great swimming, restaurants and you can take the tender to the island of Kimilos. The main village of Plaka is made up of the cubic white houses which the Cyclades are known for. The island is rich with archeological sites including Christian catacombs, a Roman amphitheater, Venetian castles, museums and don't forget, the famous Venus de Milo was found here.


Day 4: Santorini

Be seduced by the extraordinary landscape, spectacular heights and breathtaking sunsets of Santorini.

Day 5: Ios

Enjoy the gorgeous islands surrounding Santorini: Thirassia, Palea and Nea Kameni. After, cruise north to overnight at Ios.

Day 6: Paros

Perhaps the most beautiful islands in the archipelago, Paros has some of the finest beaches and is famous for its stunning white marble.

Day 7: Mykonos

Expensive, decadent and fun for adults and families, Mykonos is an island that was created to look good in postcards. Intense nightlife with clubs that never stop and some of the finest restaurants and hotels in Greece, this is a true jet-setters island. For a little culture, there are trips to the uninhabited ancient island of Delos and the extensive ruins there, among the best in Greece. Plenty of excellent, if not crowded, beaches but people don't come to Mykonos to escape but to party and people-watch.

Day 8: Delos and Syros

Delos is the archaeological jewel of the Cyclades. Also, it is the birthplace of Apollo, the god of light, poetry, music, healing and prophecy. Syros is a beautiful town, more like a small city with gorgeous architecture, cobblestone streets and great cafes. In the late 1800's the town was the main port for Greece and is full of old buildings, churches and mansions that have now been restored. After an eventful day you'll start your overnight cruise back to Athens.

For an unforgettable summer in Greece, why not charter a luxury yacht in the Cyclades with Denison Superyacht Division? Contact a representative for more information.