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Yacht Charters in Dodecanese

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Flat waters and calm winds make for excellent yacht charter conditions among the more than 150 islands of the Greek Dodecanese archipelago. Serving harbors include Rhodes and Kos. Both islands hum with the buzz of summer as visitors explore the beautiful local cuisine, the friendly villages and relaxing beaches there. Other islands are less easily accessible without a yacht and so offer unbridled bliss on deserted beaches in the Mediterranean. Find your own personal Greek getaway with an unforgettable Dodecanese yacht charter.

Denison Superyachts can organize Dodecanese yacht charters, the way you want them. Please view a sample itinerary below:

Kos to Kos, Dodecanese Greek Islands: 7 Days

Day 1: Kos

The tourism industry is about as old as civilization itself and the options and adventures are as diverse as plates of mezze. Kos's main attractions are its antiquities, particularly the Asklepion, and its beautiful beaches. After this you'll start your cruise over to Vathi Bay.

Day 2: Kalymnos and Vathi Bay

Cruise on your Dodecanese superyacht charter to friendly and authentically Greek Kalymnos, the "Sponge Fishers Island". Visit the secluded bays and beaches for some R&R. Cruise to enchanting Vathi Bay to anchor for the night. 

Day 3: Leros

Today we head to Leros, a charming port watched over by a looming crusader castle and windmills. Visit the tavernas, beaches and coffee shops to while away a peaceful afternoon. 

Day 4: Astypalea

As we pull in to Chora, we will have a great view of the Venetian castle, orange trees, vineyards and pretty white churches perched on the hillside. See the stalagmites and stalactites at Vatses Cave, right off the beach of the same name.

Day 5: Nisiros

While visiting this volcanic island, try the local specialty soumada, a soft drink made from almonds and sugar.

Day 6: Tilos

Cruising through the glinting sea, we arrive at Tilos. A naturally beautiful and tranquil island, and notable for producing perfume.

Day 7: Symi and Kos

"Symi has the most beautiful harbour in Greece. On either side of a steep-sided fjord rise tier upon tier of houses, some white, some pastel yellow, but virtually all with Neo-Classical pediments - a reminder that 100 years ago this was one of Greece's most prosperous islands. There has been virtually no modern concrete construction here and now these fine old houses are being resurrected for visitors. The spirit of the island remains intact."  - Condé-Nast Traveller

Romantic and colorful, Symi is a typical charming Greek town. See the Monastery of The Archangel Michael Panormitis,  a Greek Orthodox monastery built in the early 18th century. Overlooking the bay, it is still inhabited by monks.

If you are seeking to charter a yacht in the Dodecanese, Denison Superyachts can help. Please contact a representative for further information.