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Yacht Charters in Turkey

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Turkey offers a voyage of discovery with its history and culture, as well as its georgraphy and religion. A yacht charter in Turkey will leave you with a memory of a lifetime, with its 4,400 miles of coastline and some secluded areas only accessible by boat. With its warm climate, Turkey also offers an abundance of marine animal and plant life, making it one of the best areas to snorkel along the Mediterranean coast.

View a sample itinerary from Denison Super Yacht Division of a superyacht charter in Turkey below.

Marmaris to Kekova

Day 1: Marmaris

Board your superyacht in Marmaris, a touristy spot worth visiting for the Ottoman Castle and the fact that it takes only about 1.25 miles to emerge into a sun kissed, Mediterranean paradise. The beautiful landscape and islands of the Marmaris province are protected and offer a stunning backdrop for photos aboard your yacht in turkey - some towns are only accessible by boat.

Day 2: Ekincik

A tranquil and verdant ambassador of the Turquoise Coast, Ekincik offers golden beaches, thermal baths, snorkelling, scuba diving, ancient ruins and the 4th century BC Rupestrian tombs carved into the cliffs, overlooking the Dalyan River.

Day 3: Fethiye

Stop by Tersane Island for a swim and cruise on to Fethiye. Shop and stroll Paspatur old town and visit the beaches at Aksazlar Bay, Samanlik Bays, Kuleli and Boncuklu. Don't miss the opportunity to see Ölüdeniz, one of the most photographed beaches in the world or the Lycian rock tombs in Fethiye, where you can also take in the amazing views of Fethiye marina and the bay. 

Day 4: Gocek

The town of Göcek has very little to see - its major draw is the mountainous and pine-rimmed coves and isles called Oniki Adalar (Twelve Islands). Your yacht charter in Turkey is the best way to explore the coves of Göcek and you will stay overnight in one of its peaceful and secluded anchorages.


Day 5: Kalkan to Kas

The historic town of Kalkan has gone to great lengths to maintain its Ottoman and Greek architectural heritage. As a result, Kalkan remains an authentic haven of abundant nature, ancient history and warm traditional Turkish hospitality. Cruise to Kas to dock for the evening.

Day 6: Kas to Kekova

Wake up in Kas, an unspoiled fisherman's hamlet and check out the ruins of a Hellenistic theatre. Kas is known to be one of the best spots to travel to with your yacht in Turkey for scuba diving and divers, who can see sea turtles and octopus haunting the various underwater wrecks. Two historically significant wrecks include a World War II plane and a 1950's cargo ship. Cruise to Kekova for the evening.

Day 7: Kekova

Kekova Island and the town of Kale make for an interesting location to disembark. Explore the partly sunken ruins of Dolikisthe, an ancient town destroyed by an earthquake during the 2nd century. Cruising along the rocky coastline your yacht may stop at a cave, and a fascinating sunken Lycian city, with chest-type tombs spread out along the coastline, lies at Teimiussa, near the present-day Ucagiz on the mainland across from Kekova.

If you are interested in a yacht charter in Turkey and the East Mediterranean, Denison Super Yacht Division can aid you in finding the perfect superyacht, tailored to your needs. Please contact one of our representatives here for more information.