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Yacht Charters in The Seychelles

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For chic towns and secluded anchorages, a Seychelles yacht charter is not one to be missed. From the larger beach haven of Mahe to the luxurious Fregate, visitors to the Seychelles will find calm anchorages, pristine beaches, warm translucent waters and exclusive resorts that cannot be found anywhere else.

Denison Superyachts is known for its luxurious Seychelles yacht charters. Take a look at one of our sample itineraries for a superyacht charter in the Seychelles below.


Mahe to Desroches

Seychelles: 7 Days

Day 1: Arrival Mahe to Praslin

Begin your trip in this glittering archipelago on the largest island in the Seychelles, known as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, Mahe. Mahe is home to 70 exquisite beaches that are as gorgeous as they are pristine. Cruise from Mahe to the second largest island in the Seychelles, Praslin. Praslin has a unique rain forest to explore as well as designer boutiques. The island offers a diverse array of opportunities for adventure and excitement, no matter what your pleasure!

Day 2: Praslin - Curieuse

Enjoy breakfast on the aft deck as you head out of the bustling scene of Praslin to the lovely anonymity of Curieuse. Home to a protected fleet of giant turtles, Curieuse is a destination rich in natural delights. Explore the mangrove and 'coco fesse' forests of the Marine National Park or explore the small beach-front museum. Cruise to St.Pierre for picture-perfect views and excellent snorkeling. Anchor at Baie Laraie for the night and enjoy a serene evening under the stars.

Day 3: Curieuse - La Digue

From Curieuse head on your Seychelles yacht charter to La Digue, a gorgeous island of slow-moving ox carts, dusty roads and delapadated plantation houses. Rich in scenery, La Digue is a stunning location for extreme relaxation. Anchor in Petite or Grand Anse, and set off for adventure on bicycles. Horse-riding is also a great option for taking in the rich scenery of palm-roofed houses and shimmering white sand beaches.

Day 4: La Digue - Fregate

Get an early start and head out from La Digue to the exclusive private island of Fregate, the most remote and secluded granite island within the Seychelles. This tropical paradise has remained pristine and beautiful. The area is a natural preservation and should be explored as much as possible. The island is home to a luxurious resort which is perfect for those wanting to relax with spa treatments. This is also a great spot to enjoy local cuisine at it's finest!

Day 5: Fregate - Desroches

Though it may seem a long distance, this trip is worth the trouble. Head to the tropical paradise of Desroches, a journey that will delight the eyes from beginning to end. The famous 'Desroches Drop' is a world renowned destination for some of the best snorkeling and scuba-diving. Crystalline waters, exotic sea life and abundant fish make up a living kaleidoscope. Another delicious meal on your yacht charter in the Seychelles, under the stars is the perfect way to end your day.

Day 6 & 7: Desroches

Explore the tranquil beauty of Desroches, a long coral island flanked by glittering beaches of the finest white sand. Snorkel and scuba dive with exotic marine life that teem within the 'Desroches Drop". The southwest coast of the island enjoys waves perfect for a beginner or advanced surfer. Desroaches offers wonderful diving and water sports to enjoy your final days onboard. To lengthen your stay, check into one of the island bungalows before departure!

For further information on Seychelles yacht charters, please contact a Denison Superyachts team member here. Or if you're looking to head somewhere else, please feel free to visit our charter destinations page.