Charter Costs

Charter yacht rates are quoted per week. Your Denison Super Yacht Division Charter Specialist will be able to calculate the rate for trips shorter or longer than 7 nights. An "all-inclusive" charter will generally include the yacht and crew, a certain amount of cruising fuel, three meals per day plus snacks, and a standard ship's bar. Not included typically are cruising permits, local sales tax, specialty food and beverage requests, dockage, and crew gratuity. Not all "all-inclusive" yachts offer the same amenities however and your Charter Specialist will ensure that you are made aware of all of the specifics.

Charter Yachts quoted, "plus expenses", follow these guidelines. The rate will include the yacht and the crew. An Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) is then established. The APA is normally 30-35% of the base Charter Rate. This is ultimately your bank account while onboard which the Captain manages. The APA is a convenience allowing the Captain freedom to cater to every wish without having to bother you with the details. The crew will use these funds to provision for the charter, purchasing all food, beverages, and special requests prior to embarkation. The Captain will also use these funds to cover dockage, running fuel costs, communications, and incidentals during the course of the trip. The Captain keeps a detailed accounting log of all expenses and at the end of the charter will return any unused funds. If however your requests have exceeded the APA account, then you will settle with the Captain prior to embarkation or by mutually agreed terms.

Crew Gratuity

Charter Yacht Crews, like the majority of service professionals, work for gratuities. Gratuity is not compulsory and given at your discretion. The standard rule of thumb is 10 - 20-% of the base charter rate scaled according to your satisfaction. Typically at the end of the Charter the gratuity is given to the Captain for even disbursement amongst the crew. Keep in mind that even if you don't see a crew member often, such as the engineer, he is working very hard behind the scenes to ensure your comfort and safety while onboard. Many times Clients will send in a gratuity before their charter and your DSYD Charter Specialist will hold this in our third party Escrow account until given permission to release. This option eliminates carrying excess cash while traveling. The majority of charter yachts will not accept personal checks. Cash or a wire transfer is the preferred method of compensation.

Sales Tax

Depending on the location of your Yacht Vacation, Sales Tax or VAT may apply. Your Denison Charter Specialist will inform you of any applicable fees.

Sailing Yacht

While many yachts travel to different destinations depending on the time of year, the majority will call one specific port "home". Often times, when a yacht relocates to a port other than their home base for embarkation and/or disembarkation, there may be a delivery fee. This is the cost of the fuel burn of moving the yacht and can be at the Charterers expense.