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The Denison Super Yacht Division Charter Professionals handle Crewed Charter Experiences. Whether it is a crew of 2 or a crew of 12, it is important for your Denison Charter Specialist to match the appropriate crew to your vacation personality. Are you looking for discreet silver service or a more casual experience where crew/guest interaction is encouraged? Not all yacht crew are the same and that is why we here at DSYD meet as many crews as possible to ensure we find you the right fit.

The Captain: A Captain does far more than just move the yacht from point A to point B. He sets the tone for your entire charter experience. A charter yacht crew needs to be a well-oiled machine and the Captain is responsible for achieving this. Your Denison Super Yacht Division Charter Specialist will work with the Captain, prior to your charter, to create a sample itinerary for your yacht vacation. Once onboard, should you wish to alter course, the Captain will be able to recommend alternative options. Experienced Captains know where to find the most ideal spots. They have relationships with land based contacts for special excursions and access to the best clubs and restaurants. The Captain will keep detail records of all the financial accounts during your charter and provide you with a clear breakdown of where funds were spent. The most important job of a captain though is being responsible for the safety of everyone onboard including Guests and Crew.

The Interior Staff: Depending on the size of your charter yacht, the services offered by the interior staff will vary. The interior team handles everything from food and beverage service, laundry, room cleaning and turndowns, general interior maintenance, flower and table decor, wine selection, and pampering. With larger yachts, you will find a Chief Steward/Stewardess in charge of the entire interior staff. He or she will be your point person and the face you see most. On smaller yachts it may only be one person who handles all interior tasks. Regardless of the size, the interior staff is there to ensure you are care-free, able to relax and want for nothing.

The Deck Crew: One of the most exciting aspects of a yacht charter is the many water sport activities at your fingertips. The deck crew is responsible for your safety while having "fun in the sun", the maintenance and care of all tenders and toys, and the upkeep of the exterior of the yacht. Tenders, waverunners, waterskis, wakeboards, paddle boards, kayaks, snorkeling gear, diving equipment, fishing rods, bicycles, and scooters, are just a few examples of the "toys" you may find on board a charter yacht. Certain yachts are equipped with larger deck crew and more outdoor amenities than others so if your group is very active, please mention this to your DSYD Charter Specialist.

The Chef: From Michelin-star artisans to self-taught cooks, these culinary stars are your personal chefs during your charter. Prior to your yacht vacation, you will fill out a food and beverage preference sheet. You can be as specific as you want as no request is out of reach. Some people prefer to only list allergies and dislikes allowing the chef unrestricted culinary freedom. The Chef will provision before you arrive and during the charter to ensure that the yacht is constantly stocked with the freshest and finest ingredients. Certain ports might have limited provisioning and the Chef will discuss all possible substitutes with you.

The Engineer: It's no wonder why this crew member may never be seen during a charter. He is responsible for the maintenance of the yacht's entire engineering operations and safety. Chances are he is troubleshooting and fixing potential issues throughout the charter and you are none the wiser.

Charter Yachts

Superyachts: Superyacht charters are 7-star experiences. Highly-trained crew members adhere to very strict protocols and service levels with maximum discretion. The appointments and amenities aboard these vessels are exquisite. Superyachts have the latest state-of the art technologies and security systems to ensure the privacy of all guests. This is the finest travel option available for the most discerning clients.

Megayachts: Megayachts vary in size, speed, and style. Ranging from "go-fast" coastal cruisers to large stable displacement yachts, the options are endless. Whether the vessel is run by a crew of 2 or 12, the entire experience is customized exactly to the client's specific wants and needs. A Megayacht is essentially a private, floating villa with the flexibility to explore numerous ports in true comfort and luxury.

Sailing Yacht: There is a certain appeal to sailing; a dreamy and thrilling quality. Modern sailing yachts offer the same level of service and luxury as megayachts, but with the option of opening the sails and cruising with the wind. The classic vessels can vary in comforts and amenities but for those with a passion for sailing there is no other option.

Catamaran: A catamaran offers wide, open spaces, shaded cockpits and voluminous salons. These yachts provide excellent stability while at anchor and also remain flat under sail. The low drafts allow for access to remote, shallow-water, areas. Catamarans are perfect for those new to yachting and ideal for charterers looking for a more casual, relaxed paced, experience.

Expedition Yacht: The natural beauty of isolated and undiscovered destinations has made expedition charters rise in popularity. While these yachts may not have the sleek lines of a megayacht, they are self-sustaining, long range vessels capable of exploring the most remote areas. Their large hull volumes allow for a vast array of toys and tenders for both water and land excursions. Exteriors are deceiving because the new breed of expedition yachts offers the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and service especially for extended cruising.

Charter Costs

Charter yacht rates are quoted per week. Your Denison Super Yacht Division Charter Specialist will be able to calculate the rate for trips shorter or longer than 7 nights. An "all-inclusive" charter will generally include the yacht and crew, a certain amount of cruising fuel, three meals per day plus snacks, and a standard ship's bar. Not included typically are cruising permits, local sales tax, specialty food and beverage requests, dockage, and crew gratuity. Not all "all-inclusive" yachts offer the same amenities however and your Charter Specialist will ensure that you are made aware of all of the specifics.

Charter Yachts quoted, "plus expenses", follow these guidelines. The rate will include the yacht and the crew. An Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) is then established. The APA is normally 30-35% of the base Charter Rate. This is ultimately your bank account while onboard which the Captain manages. The APA is a convenience allowing the Captain freedom to cater to every wish without having to bother you with the details. The crew will use these funds to provision for the charter, purchasing all food, beverages, and special requests prior to embarkation. The Captain will also use these funds to cover dockage, running fuel costs, communications, and incidentals during the course of the trip. The Captain keeps a detailed accounting log of all expenses and at the end of the charter will return any unused funds. If however your requests have exceeded the APA account, then you will settle with the Captain prior to embarkation or by mutually agreed terms.

Crew Gratuity: Charter Yacht Crews, like the majority of service professionals, work for gratuities. Gratuity is not compulsory and given at your discretion. The standard rule of thumb is 10 - 20-% of the base charter rate scaled according to your satisfaction. Typically at the end of the Charter the gratuity is given to the Captain for even disbursement amongst the crew. Keep in mind that even if you don't see a crew member often, such as the engineer, he is working very hard behind the scenes to ensure your comfort and safety while onboard. Many times Clients will send in a gratuity before their charter and your DSYD Charter Specialist will hold this in our third party Escrow account until given permission to release. This option eliminates carrying excess cash while traveling. The majority of charter yachts will not accept personal checks. Cash or a wire transfer is the preferred method of compensation.

Sales Tax: Depending on the location of your Yacht Vacation, Sales Tax or VAT may apply. Your Denison Charter Specialist will inform you of any applicable fees.

Delivery Fee: While many yachts travel to different destinations depending on the time of year, the majority will call one specific port "home". Often times, when a yacht relocates to a port other than their home base for embarkation and/or disembarkation, there may be a delivery fee. This is the cost of the fuel burn of moving the yacht and can be at the Charterers expense.

Charter Etiquette

The sky is the limit when it comes to planning the ultimate yacht vacation. Your Denison Charter Specialist will have arranged all of the details of your charter so that once you step onboard the Crew is prepared and ready to cater to your every whim! They are there to make sure your experience is perfect. In turn, there are a few common courtesies to be aware of.

No Shoes Onboard: To avoid damaging the decks and interior flooring guests are typically not allowed to wear shoes onboard. This also prevents bringing dirt and dust inside from ashore. Some yachts will allow a particular type of soled-shoe, as long as they are new and for onboard use only. Check with your Charter Specialist regarding the yacht's shoe policy.

Smoking: Generally smoking is permitted in designated areas, usually outside. Make sure to check with the Captain to confirm if and where you may smoke.

Crew Areas: There are certain spaces onboard which may be "invitation only". Permanent yacht crews call the crew quarters home. Typically this area is separate from the guest spaces and many times has its own entrance. If for some reason you wish to see the crew quarters, check with your Captain first. Galley locations onboard yachts vary. Country style kitchens are great places to congregate and enjoy a cup of coffee while you watch the chef prepare your next meal. If the Galley is separate from the other areas onboard, it's best to check with the Captain or Chef to see if you may enter.

Meals: Prior to your yacht charter you will have filled out a food and beverage preference sheet. You can be as detailed as you like. If you prefer the Chef to get creative, make sure that at the very least you provided information about allergies and dislikes. The Crew will do everything possible to procure your preferences. If you have very specific and special requests it's best to let your Charter Specialist know well in advance so that everyone can work together to make them happen. Should you wish to eat ashore, let your Captain know so that the Chef will be made aware.

Itinerary: Your Charter Specialist will work with the Captain to create a fantastic itinerary before your charter. Of course once onboard you may decide to follow the route or take each day as it comes. If you would like to change course, discuss your wishes with the Captain. He is responsible for the safety of all onboard. The Captain will use his knowledge of the waters, and understanding of the yacht to decide whether a request can be met.

Children: A yacht vacation is the perfect opportunity to have some family fun. Most yachts are equipped with the latest games and toys for kids. Check with your Denison Charter Specialist for a list of what is onboard so that if something is missing we can get it beforehand. Young children must be under the supervision of an adult in the Charter Party at all times. You may want to consider bringing a Nanny. The Crew is there to cater to your every wish but they are not babysitters.

Communication: It is vital that the line of communication is open between you and the Captain. Any changes you wish to make, questions, concerns, or issues should be brought to his attention. Unfortunately problems can arise. Should you find yourself in a situation where you are unhappy or uncomfortable and the Captain has not been able to provide a remedy, immediately contact your Denison Charter Specialist.

Gratuity: Gratuity is at your discretion. Industry standard calls for 10-20% of the charter fee, scaled up or down depending upon your satisfaction with the service onboard. Customarily the gratuity is given to the Captain and split evenly among the crew members, unless you specify otherwise. Keep in mind that even if you have not seen a crew member often during your charter, such as engineers, everyone has contributed to the success of your yacht vacation. The gratuity is usually given in cash or wired in advanced to your Denison Charter Specialist.