Chartering Yachts


Superyacht charters are 7-star experiences. Highly-trained crew members adhere to very strict protocols and service levels with maximum discretion. The appointments and amenities aboard these vessels are exquisite. Superyachts have the latest state-of the art technologies and security systems to ensure the privacy of all guests. This is the finest travel option available for the most discerning clients.


Megayachts vary in size, speed, and style. Ranging from "go-fast" coastal cruisers to large stable displacement yachts, the options are endless. Whether the vessel is run by a crew of 2 or 12, the entire experience is customized exactly to the client's specific wants and needs. A Megayacht is essentially a private, floating villa with the flexibility to explore numerous ports in true comfort and luxury.

Sailing Yacht

There is a certain appeal to sailing; a dreamy and thrilling quality. Modern sailing yachts offer the same level of service and luxury as megayachts, but with the option of opening the sails and cruising with the wind. The classic vessels can vary in comforts and amenities but for those with a passion for sailing there is no other option.


A catamaran offers wide, open spaces, shaded cockpits and voluminous salons. These yachts provide excellent stability while at anchor and also remain flat under sail. The low drafts allow for access to remote, shallow-water, areas. Catamarans are perfect for those new to yachting and ideal for charterers looking for a more casual, relaxed paced, experience.

Expedition Yacht

The natural beauty of isolated and undiscovered destinations has made expedition charters rise in popularity. While these yachts may not have the sleek lines of a megayacht, they are self-sustaining, long range vessels capable of exploring the most remote areas. Their large hull volumes allow for a vast array of toys and tenders for both water and land excursions. Exteriors are deceiving because the new breed of expedition yachts offers the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and service especially for extended cruising.