Charter Guide

The Denison Super Yacht Division Charter Professionals handle Crewed Charter Experiences.

Whether it is a crew of 2 or a crew of 12, it is important for your Denison Charter Specialist to match the appropriate crew to your vacation personality. Are you looking for discreet silver service or a more casual experience where crew/guest interaction is encouraged? Not all yacht crew are the same and that is why we here at DSYD meet as many crews as possible to ensure we find you the right fit.

The Captain

A Captain does far more than just move the yacht from point A to point B. He sets the tone for your entire charter experience. A charter yacht crew needs to be a well-oiled machine and the Captain is responsible for achieving this. Your Denison Super Yacht Division Charter Specialist will work with the Captain, prior to your charter, to create a sample itinerary for your yacht vacation. Once onboard, should you wish to alter course, the Captain will be able to recommend alternative options. Experienced Captains know where to find the most ideal spots. They have relationships with land based contacts for special excursions and access to the best clubs and restaurants. The Captain will keep detail records of all the financial accounts during your charter and provide you with a clear breakdown of where funds were spent. The most important job of a captain though is being responsible for the safety of everyone onboard including Guests and Crew.

The Interior Staff

Depending on the size of your charter yacht, the services offered by the interior staff will vary. The interior team handles everything from food and beverage service, laundry, room cleaning and turndowns, general interior maintenance, flower and table decor, wine selection, and pampering. With larger yachts, you will find a Chief Steward/Stewardess in charge of the entire interior staff. He or she will be your point person and the face you see most. On smaller yachts it may only be one person who handles all interior tasks. Regardless of the size, the interior staff is there to ensure you are care-free, able to relax and want for nothing.

The Deck Crew

One of the most exciting aspects of a yacht charter is the many water sport activities at your fingertips. The deck crew is responsible for your safety while having "fun in the sun", the maintenance and care of all tenders and toys, and the upkeep of the exterior of the yacht. Tenders, waverunners, waterskis, wakeboards, paddle boards, kayaks, snorkeling gear, diving equipment, fishing rods, bicycles, and scooters, are just a few examples of the "toys" you may find on board a charter yacht. Certain yachts are equipped with larger deck crew and more outdoor amenities than others so if your group is very active, please mention this to your DSYD Charter Specialist.

The Chef

From Michelin-star artisans to self-taught cooks, these culinary stars are your personal chefs during your charter. Prior to your yacht vacation, you will fill out a food and beverage preference sheet. You can be as specific as you want as no request is out of reach. Some people prefer to only list allergies and dislikes allowing the chef unrestricted culinary freedom. The Chef will provision before you arrive and during the charter to ensure that the yacht is constantly stocked with the freshest and finest ingredients. Certain ports might have limited provisioning and the Chef will discuss all possible substitutes with you.

The Engineer

It's no wonder why this crew member may never be seen during a charter. He is responsible for the maintenance of the yacht's entire engineering operations and safety. Chances are he is troubleshooting and fixing potential issues throughout the charter and you are none the wiser.

Caring Attention to the Details

At Denison Super Yacht Division with our boutique approach, your yacht will not be lost in a sea of yachts. We allow ourselves the time to invest in our clients knowing what they expect from us and knowing their yacht as well as staring in close contact with their captain.

International Marketing

We take an international approach for the best global networking for each yacht. This includes everything from the internet, email, direct mailings, our own in-house newsletter along with the charter specific websites, magazine and of course the major International Yacht Charter shows and events.

Stress-Free Charter Management

At Denison Super Yacht Division we are looking to forge a long term relationship with each Owner and yacht. We want our owners to be rest assured that all the details of the charter process are being handled bu professionals from start to finish. Making certain that the experience is an enjoyable one.

Repeat Business

One of the most important ways to keep a charter yacht busy are repeat customers, who book often! At Denison Super Yacht Division with our passion for chartering, we will make sure each yacht has the tools and support they need to run a successful charter program. We ensure that the onboard service always exceeds the guest's expectations every time. Voila! Repeat Business.