Cantiere delle Marche Building 6 New Yachts

May 05 2015 by Superyacht Times

Italian shipyard Cantiere delle Marche has confirmed that they have received orders for six new yachts. Three of the six orders are Darwin Class Yachts - a Darwin 86', a Darwin 102' and the brand's flagship Darwin 107' - and will be launched this summer.

The Darwin 107' will be shown at the upcoming European boat shows, whilst the Darwin 102' will head over to the States and shown at the Fort Lauderdale 2015 Yacht Show.

Cantiere delle Marche report that both the owners of the Darwin Class 107' and the 102' come from prior ownership of northern European built boats. Speaking of this, the brand states, "CdM has managed to take the best of the two cultures (Italian and northern European) and merge it into a synthesis that has apparently never been done successfully before, all to the advantage of its own ship-owners."

In addition to the Darwin ranges of vessels, construction has also begun on the new Nauta Air 108', sold by the shipyard following negotiations at the last Cannes Boat Show. This yacht is the result of the Milan-based studio Nauta Design and, in addition to the usual Explorer Yacht features, it will also boast ample exterior spaces and a stunning customised interior by renowned Italian designers. Further details will be revealed soon.

Lastly, the shipyard has also revealed that three important negotiations are currently underway for three more yachts to be commissioned which are all over 100 feet.